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RMP Claims
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RMP Claims

Major Claims by the management of Rocky Mountain Power…

…they were proposing a monthly NEM fee in order to be fair to all residential customers, but…

the ultimate benefit is to bolster Rocky Mountain Power’s bottom-line by insuring its complete control of the electricity supply.
On Being Fair

…they accuse solar customers of “shifting costs” to other customers, but…

if this fee had been approved, RMP would be charging double.

…they claim that solar generation poorly matches electricity demands, but…

they conveniently neglect to recognize that solar electricity production matches demand quite well when all customer categories are considered.
Peak Usage

…they assert that customers put in solar to reduce their electric bill, but…

that flies in the face of the huge personal investment by the customer with a very long ROI*.

…they say that residential solar customers, “Produce more than they need and store it on the grid.”, but…

what actually happens is that any excess electricity produced by solar goes directly to a neighbor’s house and Rocky Mountain Power pockets full price for that power they didn't produce.

…they claim to be big proponents of renewable energy, but…

where are those renewable energy projects? Wyoming, Idaho, Washington. Our BlueSky contributions are going to jobs in other states!

Other Facts Ignored
  • Rocky Mountain Power is owned by PacifiCorp which happens to own and operate coal mines: coal used to produce electricity.
  • PacifiCorp’s electricity generation facilities are the largest contributors to greenhouse gas pollution in the United States.

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